Management Team:

Farm Manager:

Peter Manson
PO Box 6, Wairoa, 4160.
Telephone: 06 838 6614
Email: Click here

Barry McIntyre Farm Manager,
Nick Broad and Jefferson Powdrell (Wairoa Farmers)
Dennis Munro (Trustee) and Trevor Cook (Totally Vets).

Barry McIntyre
163 Tiniroto Road, SH36, RD5, Wairoa 4195.
Telephone: 06 838 8541
Email: Click here

Administered as a Charitable Trust by a Trust Board represented by :

Perpetual Guardian:

DG of Agriculture:

Pukeiti Trust:

Lay members:

Aaron Hing

Gillian Mangin

Dan Haliday

Dennis Munro, Peter Manson, John Ross, Nigel Tomalin

Miss McRae's nephews, John and Richard Martin each served on the McRae Trust Board
for 30 years and retired April 2008.



Community Group Contact:

Previous Farm Managers:

Gary Mayo, Tarrant Cotter & Co, Wairoa

Michael Morgan, Carlile Dowling

Kevin McGurk 1975-79; Ray Aires 1979-2005,
Michael Cooney 2007-2014; Fraser Taylor 2014-2019

Fraser Taylor
Kevin Knauf
John Martin
Field day