• Strategic Objectives
    and Future Plans

  • People

Strategic Objectives :

  To attain charitable goals in Trust Deed

To create a model / demonstration farm

To establish an effective executive structure

 To achieve profitability in a sustainable manner

To strengthen the relationship with Pukeiti

To develop strategic links and partnerships

To improve local knowledge in different fields of farming

To promote education and training opportunities in horticulture, silviculture and agriculture

Future Plans :

  Farm production targets

  Waitahora Park and Garden to be opened up to the public for recreation, education and events

  Homestead block Rhododendron growing and research encouraged

  Increase of involvement and number of schools and educational groups

  Waitahora Pa conservation plan implemented

  Opening up of stream walkway to Waitahora Pa for public access

  Fencing and water infrastructure redevelopment and replacement

  Develop fertiliser nutrient budget

  Hill Country project review to explore outcomes and community uptake

  Climate change, sustainability, carbon footprint and conservation tield days

  Investigation of viability of a training facility

  On-going monitoring of stock, soil, pasture, fertility, runoff, water, vegetation, pests, weeds

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John Martin
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